Today’s Editorial February 02: Time to pray for youth

Feel like we’ve been blitzing you this week with editorials aimed at young drivers and the senseless carnage left behind in way too many car crashes?

We have and here comes another.

We suspected most of the car wrecks involved young Caymanian men, so we did some investigating.

Sure enough of the 22 people who have died in wrecks on Cayman Islands roads since 1 January, 2005, 19 have been men.

The results of our digging are on page 1 of today’s newspaper.

Our little investigation also confirmed another suspicion we had – a majority of the people who died were 26 years old or younger.

What a waste!

As we write this the family of Tito Whittaker is bracing itself for his funeral while his brother, Lex, is facing surgeries and a long road of recovery in a Miami hospital.

They were the latest car crash victims in a wreck that occurred in North Side last weekend.

So here we are, facing another weekend.

It’s Friday and you can be sure our roads will be filled with young people behind the wheels of motorized vehicles.

Our prayer is that each of them uses caution and refuses to get caught up in the thrill of speeding. We hope they all drive responsibly.

We don’t want to have to keep up a barrage of editorials about speed and death.

While you’re out driving tonight, why not swing by the Annex field and join fellow residents who are gathering there at 7pm

The purpose of the meeting is to get together to offer intercessory prayer on behalf of the young people in the Cayman Islands.

The organizers believe that the wrecks aren’t just a coincidence or a mishap, but spiritual warfare for the souls of Cayman’s young people; particularly men.

For the uninitiated, intercessory prayer is the act of praying on behalf of others, but goes beyond the normal kind of prayer for others.

The person is acting as a mediator between God and the person or people, closing the gap between them. This prayer is done fervently, with the intent of God granting the requests in that prayer, so it is more than just asking or hoping, but actually expecting God to act.

The organizers are to be commended.

We hope many turn up and, from our mouths to God’s ears; no more lives will be lost on the roads of the Cayman Islands.

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