Living assessment under way

The National Assessment of Living Conditions is under way and government representatives will be visiting households on Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, February through April.

During this time, these representatives will be assisting randomly selected households to complete questionnaires and will be asking them to keep a diary of their spending over a two-week period. Households are asked to keep receipts to assist them in this task. All adult members of a household will receive a modest token of appreciation when they have completed a questionnaire.

Each NALC project representative will carry an identification card.

People may also be invited to community meetings or group discussions as part of the participatory poverty assessment. During these meetings, residents can share ideas about their community’s vulnerabilities, economic and social conditions, and concerns.

Confidentiality of information will be strictly guarded – all study participants have signed an oath of confidentiality.

For more information contact:

Participatory poverty assessment Subcommittee Chair Deanna Look Loy, phone 949-0290, email [email protected]

Survey of Living Conditions/ Household Budgeting Survey Subcommittee Chair Maria Zingapan, 949-0940, email [email protected]