Symposium to address child, youth issues

Nearly 200 stakeholders whose work impacts children and young people will be invited to this month’s national symposium hosted by the Attorney General and the Ministry of Health and Human Services.

The conference, to be held at the Marriott Beach Resort 19, 22 and 23 February, will complete the work of the criminality task force.

Following the symposium a report will be submitted to Cabinet on how government should respond to the findings of the study on factors predisposing children and youth to crime.

The three-day symposium will also lay the ground work for the establishing a national framework for children and young policies.

Organisers suggest that such a framework would help provide stakeholders with the support and tools to assist children and youngsters to develop to their full potential.

The symposium was proposed when significant areas of overlap were found in the recommendations and findings of several child and youth studies.

According to organisers, the conference’s first day will mainly be taken up with a presentation on the criminality report written by criminologist Yolande Ford. Local speakers will be chosen to address the symposium.

The second and third days of the symposium will focus on broadening the approach of the forum. Organisers confirm that attendee input will be sought on a range of areas which relate to the socialisation of children and youth within Cayman society.

Delegates, split into smaller groups, will have the opportunity of exchanging information and experiences in child and youth related fields.

It is hoped that attendees, in sharing their opinions on how best to meet the essential needs of children and young people, will bring in as many viewpoints as possible and enhance the final content of the proposed framework.