Marine crackdown overdue

I live on Yacht Drive and our back yard backs onto the channel between the North Sound and Cayman Yacht Club.

Less than one in three boats using this channel obey the No Wake and 5mph speed limits posted by the Port Authority.

This speeding is dangerous to snorkelers in this channel and has scared away the large iguanas that used to sit on our sea wall. Not to mention that we cannot keep a boat on our own dock as it would be smashed to pieces within hours by the constant wave action.

In an effort to increase compliance we have added our own signs reminding skippers of the legal limits and have filed complaints with the Marine Police.

We have also purchased a loudhailer to ask ‘cowboy’ captains to reduce their speed.

A marine crackdown is well overdue – hopefully before there are more deaths and accidents in the North Sound.

Norman Linton