Two more charged with NS ganja

Two more defendants appeared in Summary Court Monday in connection with the 964 pounds of ganja recovered in North Side earlier this month.

They are Dencle Vic Barnes, 37, of Prospect and Alburn Gauntlett, 43, from Negril, Jamaica.

They are charged with the three others who appeared in court on Friday and returned on Monday: Roberto Alden Jackson, 26, of West Bay; Sheena Annie-Mae Minzett, 31, of West Bay; and Geaton Al Kilbourne, 30, of Prospect.

Crown Counsel Trevor Ward said he did not object to bail with stringent conditions for Jackson, Minzett and Barnes.

He did object to bail for Gauntlett and Kilbourne on the basis that they were flight risks. He said they were foreign nationals with few or no ties to this jurisdiction.

Mr. Ward said Gauntlett, according to the Crown’s case, was attempting to enter these islands illegally. Kilbourne is a Jamaican national here on a work permit.

He also noted that importation of ganja and possession of ganja with intent to supply are offences for which there is a presumption against bail. It is for the defendants to justify bail.

Defence Attorney Keith Collins said he would not apply on Gauntlett’s behalf at this time, but would wait for more facts and papers from the Crown.

Defence Attorney Lloyd Samson did apply for Kilbourne. He said this defendant had lived here and worked for one employer for more than three years. He had no previous convictions anywhere and his employer held him in such high regard that he was willing to stand surety of $10,000.

Magistrate Grace Donalds withheld bail for Gauntlett and Kilbourne, based on the nature and seriousness of the charges and relatively slender ties to Cayman.

The three Caymanians were offered bail with conditions that included a recognisance bond in the sum of $7,500; one or more sureties totalling $7,500; surrender of travel documents; curfew from 8.30pm – 6am; and reporting twice weekly to the nearest police station.

The matter was set for mention again on Monday, 5 March. In addition to importation and possession with intent to supply, the five are also charged with possession and being concerned in the importation and possession with intent.

The alleged offences occurred on 8 February in the vicinity of Driftwood Village Sports Bar.