Yesteryear party enchants

East End residents brought out the best in old-time cooking at a yesteryear bash recently.

A short skit

A short skit performed by Aunt Sookie and East End residents had visitors laughing up a storm. Photo: Jewel Levy

It was like a step back in time for those enjoying mouth-watering turtle and conch stew, fried fish, fritters, steamed fish with white rice cooked with coconut milk, old time duff (a Sunday evening sweet treat), boiled breadfruit, sweet potato, pumpkin and cassava.

There was custard corn bread, sweet potato, yam and cassava cakes, Nigga Bible and Jonna cakes; this was all washed down with tangy tamarind and lemon drink.

Nothing brings a yesteryear party to a close like the tantalising smell of lemongrass tea in the air. At this event it was no different. Patrons sipped the hot brew while munching on Nigga Bible and Jonna cake slices smeared with mango jelly.

The old caboose decorated with thatch palms, fire wood, wompers, straw baskets, mosquito smoke pan and thatch baskets added to the nostalgia of the event held at the East End United Church Hall.

The occasion rang loud with laughter as Carmen Conolly and Orilee Ebanks shared some favourite old time sayings with those in attendance.

Even Aunt Sookie and Ezekiel, Cayman icons of old time drama and skits, did not miss this delightful event. Everyone had a good laugh when these two shared some funny moments.

The yesteryear evening finished on a good note. Some audience members also received prizes.

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