Police make a difference

A Hurricane Ivan-damaged property that has been an eyesore for Bodden Town residents and visitors for quite sometime got a major clean-up recently.

Police, BT beautification committee members and Mark Scotland Heavy Equipment worked together to remove overgrown bush, weeds and discarded items around the property.

Helping with the cleanup, Police Chief Inspector Adrian Seales said the project was one of many to come as they seek to identify properties in the district left unattended in a state of decay after the hurricane.

‘Properties like this one are usually owned by person’s off-island who have not returned to see about cleanup. We are approaching another hurricane season and these properties are very hazardous, plus they look terrible,’ said Mr. Seales.

Another area for concern, he said, was undesirables, who use these buildings and overgrown properties to carry out illegal activities.

According to Mr. Seales the clean-up is being undertaken in two stages: the clearing of overgrown bush and a Planning Department control initiative. This is where Planning gets involved by issuing notification to land owners of the areas that need cleaning up.

‘We do not have the authority to demolish or go in and clear away decaying items in the homes. That is where Planning comes in, but we can clear away unsightly brush from the surrounding areas,’ said Mr. Seales.

Osborne Bodden, MLA for Bodden Town, was also instrumental is the clearing of these derelict homes. He sent emails to Planning and Environmental Departments in reference to the properties.

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