Cayman in brief

NS cleanup

Join North Side in celebration of Earth Week at 7am Saturday at the playfield.

You’ll be given free plastic garbage bags to disperse into the district and help clean up roadways, yards and beaches.

Incorrect addresses

Because of incorrect mailing addresses, the Department of Environmental Health has been receiving a large amount of returned mail.

To help alleviate this problem, department staff reminds all property owners to update their contact information whenever it changes. This will ensure that invoices for garbage fees are sent to the correct address.

Garbage fees are the responsibility of property owners. They are due for payment at the beginning of each year. If property owners did not receive an invoice for garbage fees in January 2007, call DEH to ensure that your contact information is correct.

For more information, call DEH at 949-6696.

Food workshops

The Department of Environmental Health will conduct basic food hygiene workshops for all employees in the food industry throughout the months of April and May. This includes all food handlers, and food industry workers.

Scheduled for 9am to 4pm on 25 April and 2 and 30 May, the workshops will be held at the Cayman Islands Environmental Centre (where DEH is located), at 580 North Sound Road. In Cayman Brac, the workshop is scheduled for 9 May. The $15 registration fee includes literature.

DEH staff have organised the workshop to educate, inform and update operators on safe-hygiene practices within the industry. Participants will focus on preventing food poisoning, including the importance of temperature control, prevention of cross contamination, personal hygiene, and cleaning and disinfection.

Business owners are encouraged to register their employees for this workshop. For more information call DEH Grand Cayman at 949-6696 and DEH Cayman Brac at 948-2321.

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