Kernohan: Corruption not tolerated

Cayman Islands Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan said the recent sentencing of a police officer on corruption charges should serve as a warning to everyone who works in the police service.

Mr. Kernohan

Mr. Kernohan

‘We will not stand for any officer involved, indeed in any misconduct, but particularly in any corruption issues,’ Commissioner Kernohan said at a press conference last week.

Mr. Kernohan said a violation like the one Keith Nathaniel Guthrie was convicted of ‘erodes the public trust that we work so hard to gain.

‘We have hundreds of officers within the Cayman Islands Police Service who do their job and are very professional and very hardworking every single day of the year. I wouldn’t want this one individual to spoil the reputation of our service and the reputation of these fine officers.’

Guthrie has pleaded guilty to taking $500 from a man he stopped for various traffic violations. According to the Crown, Guthrie later told the man those citations might have led to thousands of dollars in traffic fines and the loss of his driving licence.

It’s not clear who initiated discussions about the bribe, which police said occurred last April.

In court it was revealed that police had set up a surveillance scheme, which included a recorded conversation between Guthrie and the man he was convicted of taking the cash from.

‘The reason that this officer was arrested was because we put in place a covert surveillance operation to catch him…red-handed,’ Commissioner Kernohan said.

The commissioner also pointed out that corruption is something that all police departments around the world have to handle.

‘I think it’s fair to say there wouldn’t be many…police forces…that this doesn’t touch,’ he said.

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