Aim for better, not more

Mr. Alexander Herrmann, in his letter to the editor, writes very sensible ideas for the great people of Grand Cayman.

We have been travelling to all three islands since 1979 and have seen immense changes as everyone has. The changes on Seven Mile Beach are unfortunately not reversible and the idea of ‘more is better’ is the rule.

From a person who has spent many many months on Cayman, the tragedy is that the natural beauty is lost or is being lost at an alarming rate. The number of cruise ships overwhelms the island with people who care little about the ecology of the island.I would hazard a guess that many do not even know what island they are visiting.

As a matter of fact I have asked ‘cruisers’ this and am greeted with either a blank stare or worse. I, too, pray that the people of the Cayman Islands as well as the government wake up to the fact that more is not better.

People come here not to see Miami Beach or Cancun but the island once called ‘the islands time forgot’. How I wish the latter was still true.

Jerry Burton

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