W Bayers consider Neighbourhood Watch

Officers from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service met recently with residents of the West Bay Affordable Housing to gauge their interest in launching a Neighbourhood Watch programme.

More than 30 residents attended the meeting. A brief presentation was given by RCIPS officers, West Bay MLA Rolston Anglin and Odette Campbell from the National Housing Development Trust. Residents were also introduced to their neighbourhood officers PC Nettie Bulgin and PC Paul Anglin.

The RCIP presentations addressed how residents could help make their community safer. In his talk, Chief Inspector Kurt Walton of the Drugs Task Force discussed the community impact of drug-related crimes and outlined common misconceptions about drugs, states a press release.

Detective Sergeant Wayne Powell, an experienced West Bay officer, outlined ways the residents could help detect and prevent crimes in their neighbourhood. He recommended that residents mark their property for easy identification, report any suspicious activity, and participate in the neighbourhood watch programme.

Sergeant Everton Spence said Neighbourhood Watch is a programme whose success in reducing residential crime depends on developing a partnership between the community and the police. He outlined the benefits of such programmes and added that they could act as a strong deterrent to criminals, ‘once the criminal element realises people are coming together and watching them.’

Ms Campbell announced NHDT’s plans to build a clubhouse for the children in the community. ‘We want residents to take responsibility for caring for the clubhouse and deciding what programmes will run there,’ she said.

Suggestions from residents included holding church services, art classes, computer training and other educational programmes.

Residents of the West Bay Affordable Housing were advised that they would continue to get the support of their neighbourhood RCIPS officers as they launched their own Neighbourhood Watch programme.

West Bay Neighbourhood Police Officer Nettie Bulgin can be contacted on 926-2301.