Today’s Editorial May 08: Plan another young person’s funeral

‘We’ve lost another young one.’

Those words from Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Inspector Courtney Myles are filled with frustration and hit the nail on the head.

We lost another young life Friday.

Ysatis Nathine Chin died on the Friday side of midnight, around 11.15, when the Honda Accord she was driving smashed into a Porsche Boxter.

The people in the Boxter were taken to hospital. They’re expected to live.

Ysatis’ death makes her the fifth victim of car crashes in the Cayman Islands this year. And we’ve only started the fifth month of the year.

Was she speeding?

We don’t know, but it’s probable.

Was she wearing her seatbelt?

We don’t know.

Did she have any clue that Friday would be her last full day on the face of the Earth?

Probably not.

Most young people don’t think about their mortality when they slide behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle.

They’re young.

They’re invincible.

They’re dead wrong.

Again we have lost another potential leader in our society because of a traffic fatality.

If the accident rate keeps up, we’ll match the horrific figure of 14 traffic fatalities set in the Cayman Islands last year.

Hey mom, dad, is your child going to be the next victim?

Will yours be the next family grieving and planning a funeral for a life cut short because of bad driving behaviour?

And that’s what is killing our young people – bad driving behaviour.

If your child hasn’t been taught the proper way to drive, sign him or her up with a driving instructor.

The graduated license scheme is supposed to come on line 1 July. The programme requires teenagers to get driver’s licences on a graduated basis. It was passed unanimously in the Legislative Assembly in March 2005, but has never been commenced.

Mandatory driver’s education has also been touted, but we’ve yet to see legislation putting such a programme into place.

Parents, guardians, government officials, Caymanians, residents and visitors; we must do all we can to stop needless reckless driving in the Cayman Islands and senseless deaths on our roadways.

If you see someone – anyone – driving recklessly, call 911 or the police services.

Young people, pay attention.

You’re not invincible. Bad driving behaviour will get you killed.