TeleCayman marches on

Team TeleCayman made a clean sweep at last night’s co-ed softball game against the Buccaneers. TeleCayman was quick to implement its strategy to put points on the scoreboard. With 2 runners on base, Bradley Robinson, TeleCayman’s experienced softballer, hit a Sacrifice Fly to the outfield making him out, but in the process brought in two runners to put TeleCayman on the scoreboard in the first inning. During the next two innings both teams displayed a strong defense; each struggling to find a weakness in the opposing team in order to score some runs. The score remained at 2-0 in favour of TeleCayman for the first 3 innings. But that was not enough of a gap to secure a win. In the fourth inning Team TeleCayman came together to show once again why they are one of the top teams in the league. Raul Nicholson-Coe, veteran softballer and TeleCayman Ltd’s President, kicked off the bottom of the fourth inning with a hit that landed him on second base. This was followed quickly with solid hits by Bradley Robinson and Ana Marie Douglas, bringing in 3 runners to widen the lead and closing out the fourth inning at 5-nil. At the top of the 5th inning, the Buccaneers made yet another attempt to get on the scoreboard. The first two batters hit fly balls to the outfield opening the door to a quick shut down by TeleCayman. Still scoreless, the Buccaneers found themselves once again on the defensive as TeleCayman’s batters lined up. The first hit by team captain Rex Whittaker, set the stage for a clean sweep. In a display of excellent teamwork and consistency, TeleCayman’s batters brought in runner after runner, inching their way up the scoreboard. With runners on nearly every base, the Buccaneers were having a difficult time shutting down TeleCayman. Bringing in 5 runners to close out an action-packed 5th inning with a final score of 10-0, TeleCayman called the game after 5 innings. TeleCayman moves on to play KPMG A as the play-offs continue.

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