Keep fighting against liquor

Once again, I am saddened as I see what is good for Caymanian be cast aside and disrespected.

For years I have admired and respected how the Savannah area has been able to keep alcohol out of its district.

I have always respected how Heather Bodden, Miss Audry Ebanks, Dale Forbes, John Douglas and others have fought to keep Savannah a peaceful and clean community free of alcohol. It was the only place on the Island that we could drive around and not see residents loitering at a bar or drug store.

I am shocked, angry, saddened, disappointed and disgusted that the businessman who sees developing profits and not people has won the battle again.

That is sending a very dangerous message to the young people of our country. Aren’t they learning that money runs things?

Are they learning that they should make money even if it has been proven to damage and destroy the social and family fabric of their community?

Shame on the chairman and any member of the Liquor Licensing Board that was instrumental in seeing this approval granted.

I say shame on the owner/proprietor of the plaza.

Can’t they see the social havoc it has caused to so many of our West Bay families?

I ask again, why are not these companies and people made to pay a social impact fee?

The average 12-year-old can tell you the dangers and effects of alcohol on his community.

Look at the NDC, CASA, Northward Prison, Eagle House, Cayman Counselling Centre, Canaan Land, the courts, Social Services, which are agencies affected and trying to fund programmes caused by drugs and alcohol.

Shouldn’t these companies and people who greatly benefit from the sale and housing of alcohol be made to directly fund so many of these programmes caused by alcoholism?

Why should my tax dollars be made to pay for social problems that some businessman has profited from?

The average school age child can tell us the deaths caused by of alcohol in our Island. It doesn’t take a person with a lot of intelligence to see that.

I am tired of the exploitation of our teens and children. What would make them not think it is cool to drink when in every district, on every corner there is an alcohol establishment?

I would encourage and implore the Savannah people to challenge / appeal this decision of the chairman and Liquor Licensing Board as they have a right to a quiet and alcohol free community. If they don’t then a precedent has been set and more alcohol establishments will follow. If it is not challenged you will see in Savannah the social menace you see in so many districts and that is to have so many of our young men and women loitering and walking the streets drunk while the liquor store owners make a big, fat profit at the end of the week!

No one can point to any good and positive that alcohol has done for their district.

Don’t give up, the good people of Savannah; continue to fight back for the good community you have created over the years!

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Ebanks

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