Minister pledges eastern development

Several new projects are on the to-do list for the Cayman Islands eastern districts, according to Works and Infrastructure Minister Arden McLean.

‘There is much to be done,’ Mr. McLean said Friday during the Legislative Assembly’s debate on the country’s proposed budget.

Minister McLean, who represents the East End District, said $1 million has been set aside for the development of a new cemetery in Bodden Town.

The Caymanian Compass reported in March that the current cemetery is running out of plots, and that Mr. McLean’s ministry was looking at land it might purchase to expand the site. He has also suggested the idea of stacking graves on top of one another, or even allowing cremations as a way to alleviate the plot shortage.

‘Help is on the way,’ Mr. McLean said Friday.

Mr. McLean also said a boat ramp near the middle of Bodden Town would be developed mainly to allow fishermen in the area to launch their boats closer to home.

A landing platform near the blow-holes is being planned after a property owner agreed to allow the government access to the site. Mr. McLean envisions the location as an attraction for both tourists and residents.

‘People will be able to take pictures, and there will be steps down (from the platform),’ he said. ‘We will have a new area to see the blow-holes from in that district.’

Another potential attraction the minister wants to improve access to is the Salina Reserve in the north-eastern section of Grand Cayman. He said that would be accomplished via a road extending from Savannah into East End.

‘It’s one of the most beautiful spots in this country‚Ķthe last paradise in this country,’ Mr. McLean said. ‘And it’s inaccessible really.’

He was quick to point out there are no plans to build a road through the reserve, only one leading up to it.

Mr. McLean said the East End learning centre, which was demolished during Hurricane Ivan, would be rebuilt. He said the building would also be used to store Red Cross supplies.

He noted several other projects which were being considered for public safety and environmental protection reasons, one of them being a retaining wall for the Bodden Town cemetery.

Another involves the possible installation of guard rails in the more remote areas of East End where the main road is built near cliffs which overlook the beach.

‘East End still needs a lot of guardrails to prevent drivers from driving off those cliffs,’ Mr. McLean said. ‘I am just thankful nothing has happened so far.’