Today’s Editorial May 22: NFL Challenge good for Cayman

Saturday’s NFL Quarterback Challenge was another entertaining show by several of the world’s best athletes.

The competition has a tradition of showcasing the rare skills required of the men who play one of the toughest positions in all of sports.

It is a boost for the Cayman Islands to host the event.

To score a three-year contract is a major accomplishment for Cayman tourism.

When it airs on ESPN, a potential audience of millions will hear the name Cayman repeatedly.

Filmed segments of the players having fun at Stingray City, on Seven Mile Beach and other Cayman tourist attractions will be inserted throughout the program.

This is advertising that money can’t buy.

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated all the time.

Some experts note that traditional television commercials are losing their ability to persuade increasing numbers of viewers who automatically tune them out.

This is why product placement has exploded in recent years.

Corporations routinely pay large fees to have their product subtly incorporated into movies, television shows and sports competitions.

Hosting an event like the NFL Quarterback Challenge can be viewed as the ultimate in product placement for the Cayman Islands.

Our product, the Cayman Islands as a tourism destination, will be the backdrop for a two-hour television programme.

This is invaluable exposure.

There is also the potential for cross-promotional deals to be made with the individual players that are here this weekend.

One can easily imagine the Department of Tourism, hotels and other private businesses striking deals with some of these quarterbacks to film brief ads or possibly even sign up as ambassadors for Cayman tourism.

Having the Cayman Islands shown and mentioned on a major international sports network is only half the battle, however.

All Caymanians and residents need to embrace these kinds of opportunities and make the most of them.

When we host a special event such as the NFL Quarterback Challenge we must be the best hosts that we can be.

Beautiful beaches and excellent hotels are not everything.

Some visitors remember smiles, kind words and handshakes far longer than those things.

If our community does an outstanding job hosting this event for the next three years, Cayman’s stock is likely to rise and even bigger opportunities are sure to come our way.

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