Caybrew introduced to Sisters

The newly opened Cayman Islands Brewery Ltd. introduced its genuine Cayman product, Caybrew, to Cayman Brac 12 May at the Braccanal Carnival.

Caybrew sponsored the steel pan band Pandemonium to travel to the Brac to join in the festival, and the 30 young pan players entertained Brackers both in the parade and along the route from Spot Bay to Watering Place on Saturday afternoon, playing on even when the heavens opened and the rain poured, states a press release.

CIB General Manager Allen Chu Fook said, ‘We were delighted to be a part of the Braccanal parade and look forward to giving a helping hand to future events on the Sister Islands. After all, Caybrew is the national beer for all three islands.’

The brewery launched Caybrew in bottles and draught on 22 March.

Now served in cans as well, Caybrew is available in all liquor stores, bars and restaurants.

‘Our aim is to make Caybrew a favourite beer choice for the Cayman Islands – and that includes Cayman Brac and Little Cayman,’ said Mr. Fook. ‘The reception so far has been very encouraging. We hope all beer drinkers on the Sister Islands and Grand Cayman will try our new product, and once they do, we know they will love it.

‘Cayman brewed beer is the best brew – it has the freshest taste and is better for the islands’ economy. Everything that is produced, distributed and sold within these three islands keeps hard earned Cayman money right here at home. We believe that we produce a fantastic beer that everyone in the Cayman Islands can be proud of.’

Caybrew is produced at the Cayman Islands Brewery on Shamrock Road in Prospect. For more information call the brewery on 947-6699.