Pink Ladies assist Bodden Town

The Pink Ladies held its monthly tea party 26 April at Nurse Josie’s Seniors’ Centre in Bodden Town, with the kind cooperation of nurse Josie Solomon and Mrs. Mary Lawrence.

Mrs. Olive Miller and Mrs. Janilee Clifford organised the event and over 20 Pink Ladies attended.

The meeting not only gave the chance for the Pink Ladies to discuss their many ongoing projects and meet new members, but also to learn some of the history of the Bodden Town District and its community over the years.

Ms Solomon, Janilee Clifford and Ms Lawrence gave a talk about the history of Bodden Town, its residents and community spirit from the 1800s to the present, including some of the many firsts achieved by Bodden Town residents such as the first woman elected to parliament in the Cayman Islands, Ms Evelyn Wood.

The Seniors’ Centre was equally inspiring. Recently featured in Inside Out magazine, it is an original wattle-and-daub house which has been delightfully refurbished to provide not only a fascinating insight into traditional Caymanian life but also a comfortable place for members of the community to gather and share time together. The house is over 100 years old, and due to the discovery of unique Roman numerals on the beams, presumably was used as a guide to rebuilding the main structure, it is believed to have been moved to its current location from an even older site. It has lovely furniture and artefacts donated by many individuals and organizations.

Ms Solomon mentioned their wish to build a working caboose behind the house, in order to teach and demonstrate traditional Caymanian cooking to tourists and locals alike. The Bodden Town residents had already raised $500 and the Pink Ladies donated another $500 to help fulfil this great idea.

Anyone wishing to know more about the Pink Lades should call either Carol Pairaudeau on 947-1533 or Judy Massie on 947-9186.

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