Burglars hit Windsor Park

Two men were arrested Friday following nearly two dozen burglaries, which have occurred in the past month in George Town’s Windsor Park-Walkers Rd. neighbourhood.

Royal Cayman Islands Police Superintendent Marlon Bodden said detectives had been performing surveillance in Windsor Park in the days just prior to the arrests. Mr. Bodden said 20 burglaries have been reported in that area within the past four weeks.

‘(It’s a) suspicious proximity (and) suggests that an individual is operating in that area,’ Mr. Bodden said.

In one 20 June break-in on Anthony Drive a man in his late 50s was stabbed after confronting a suspect who police said had broken into the home. He was treated at hospital later that day and released.

Mr. Bodden said no one else has been hurt in the recent spate of Windsor Park burglaries.

Police arrested a 34-year-old man and a 21-year-old man on suspicion of burglary Friday. One man was arrested in the pre-dawn hours, the other at around 9.30am. Police said they recovered a knife and some items believed to be stolen.

Both of the suspects are from the George Town area.

Mr. Bodden said many of the 20 recent burglaries in that neighbourhood occurred early in the morning while the homeowners were asleep. He wouldn’t comment on whether investigators thought the two men were responsible for all of the break-ins.

‘Residents…should not (rule out) that things can happen,’ Superintendent Bodden said. ‘Don’t drop your guard. We want you to be aware of things that are unusual, and report those to us. To tell them to just relax…would be the wrong advice.’

Police also warned residents to be aware of people in the neighbourhood trying to fence, or sell off, stolen items.

‘If they’re buying items on the street that are lower value than they should be, then they could be committing an offence,’ Mr. Bodden said. ‘Don’t take any chances of anyone selling property off the street.’

A conviction for handling stolen goods in the Cayman Islands can carry a prison sentence and fines.

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