A gift from the sea

The Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association (CIASA) has again showed its generosity for the world’s most needy children. Last month’s Bank of Butterfield Sea Swim raised $645. The Cayman Islands Masters Swimmers kicked in another $70 and then the CIASA Board of Directors voted to double the donation.

Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association

Directors of the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association, back row, joined members of Cayman Loves Children on Seven Mile Beach. The directors from right to left: Frank Flowers, Bill McFarland, Richard Johnson, and Jim Fraser. The members of Cayman Loves Children, front row, are: Nico Thompson, Jared Harrison, Marissa Harrison and Adishree Mani.

In total, CIASA donated $1,430 to Cayman Loves Children, a local group that raises funds for UNICEF to aid children living in the developing world.

Cayman Loves Children members were on the beach at last Saturday’s Foster’ Sea Swim to thank CIASA. A Cayman Loves Children spokesperson cited a UNICEF report that says the donation amount is roughly enough to pay the salary of a teacher in an impoverished nation for an entire year.

Each year some 10 million children die of preventable diseases and hunger in poor nations, according to the UN.

Cayman Loves Children maintains a website at www.caymanloveschildren.8k.com

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