Students arrested in attack

Police have arrested four teenagers within the past week in connection with a 1 June attack that occurred in broad daylight near a heavily travelled area of George Town.

Amjed Zureigat, a Jordanian immigrant worker, was assaulted in the alley behind Butterfield Bank and the Thompson building around 4.30pm that day. He said five young men blocked his path and threatened him while he was walking through the area.

Mr. Zureigat told the CaymanianCompass that when he tried to walk away from the young men he was hit in the back of the head and knocked unconscious. He was hospitalised for several hours and reported having $500 stolen from him.

Police said that four Caymanian high school students had been arrested in relation to the attack, but as of press time none had been charged. Two remained in custody Tuesday and two others had been released on police bail, according to Royal Cayman Islands Police spokesperson Deborah Denis.

Mr. Zureigat said he was left shaken by the incident, especially after doctors told him the blow to his head might have killed him.

‘(The attackers) were telling me they were going to kill me,’ he said in a previous interview with the Compass. ‘I’ve never done anything wrong to those guys. I don’t even fight them because they are school boys. I would be in trouble, because I am foreigner, if I fight a school boy.’

When asked about the attack last month, George Town community policing Sergeant Ian Yearwood said incidents like it were extremely rare in that area of town.

‘A few times officers have been called to respond, it might have been an altercation between the kids, among themselves,’ Mr. Yearwood said.

Anyone with information about the 1 June attack is asked to call the George Town police station at 949-4222.

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