Enforcers make computers crash

Softball’s slow pitched game has been playing second fiddle to the fast pitched version all season, so it was nice for the unheralded players in the Government League to stand centre stage at the Field of Dreams Sunday.


Whittaker admitted they were over confident.

It was the first match in a best of three series between Immigration Enforcers and the unbeaten Computer. Enforcers have won most of their matches this season but were not expected to do well against a rampant Computer Services side that often win by big margins.

Computer’s Peter Whittaker has been hitting everybody out of the park all season and was the danger man.

Enforcers took the lead, going 4-0 up. Computer blazed back to 4-4 and looked as if they were going to cruise to another easy victory. Enforcers are made of stern stuff though.

Coaxed constantly by manager Mary Malcolm, they held their nerve and went into the lead and stayed there to record a convincing win, getting a triple play at the end of the seventh inning. Computer got three runs at the end to make the score respectable at 11-7 but the match was already lost. Stafford Millwood hit a huge home run for Enforcers, the only one of the game.

The contest resumes in two Sundays’ time because this Sunday there is a special fundraiser at the Field of Dreams starting at noon. It’s to help finance the Jose Escape Pirates, who are competing in a competition in Nicaragua from 30 August. It’s an open invitation for all softball players to come and join in at a charge of $5 a head. Food and drinks will be sold and if enough children turn up a special match will be organised for them.

Malcolm said: ‘In the second match against Computer we are looking forward to beating them. We’ve got some good players who practiced hard and think they underestimated us.’

Enforcers captain Josen Ebanks said: ‘They are shocked that we beat them. From the first inning I could see they weren’t up to par because they had taken us lightly. They beat us 15-7 before and beat other teams pretty bad. Most of their players are in leagues whereas none of ours are so we trained hard every Tuesday and Thursday and went and watched them so we knew their game. We’re going to be on our guard in the second game because they’ll be better prepared.’

Whittaker admitted that they did not give Enforcers the respect they deserved. ‘As we were unbeaten all season that got to our heads a bit,’ he said. ‘Immigration played a good game. We’ll regroup and come again. I think I was trying too hard to hit home runs and kinda popped out.’

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