Goldfield welcomes staffers

Joining compliance, pperations departments

Goldfield (Cayman) Corporate Services Limited has welcomed two new members to its staff.

Mrs. Karen O’Brien and Ms Claire Wright have joined the compliance and operations departments, respectively.

Goldfield Cayman, a boutique-style Cayman-based firm, offers a menu of corporate services including independent directors, company formation, liquidations, registered offices and officers, and ship and aircraft registration.

Mrs. O’Brien is an accomplished advisor, educator and AML compliance consultant with an acute knowledge of the regulatory requirements for customer due diligence and record keeping. She is a certified anti-money laundering specialist and is currently chair of the Caribbean task force for the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists.

With expertise in fraud and financial Crime, Mrs. O’Brien was a police officer for 16 years with the Toronto Police Service in Ontario, Canada, leaving with the rank of sergeant after spending five years in the fraud and forgery squad. She spent two years investigating financial crime in the Cayman Islands as a detective with the Royal Cayman Islands police before branching out to the private sector and specializing in compliance and Know Your Customer issues. Mrs. O’Brien has assisted in investigations in the USA, Scotland, Isle of Man and the UK. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and is a member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators.

Goldfield’s corporate philosophy includes stringent compliance policies and Mrs. O’Brien commented on that, ‘I am excited to be working with a company such as Goldfield Cayman who are committed to being an industry leader with robust due diligence and anti-money laundering strategies.’

Goldfield General Manager Mr. Jamal Young is enthusiastic in welcoming Mrs. O’Brien to the team, ‘Karen will be an invaluable part of the Goldfield team as we move forward in the company management arena. We are aiming to set ourselves apart and leading-edge due diligence practices are an integral part of our plan.’

Ms Claire Wright has joined the team as an Office Administrator. Ms. Wright has over seven years administrative experience coupled with a thorough understanding of operations procedures. Her familiarity with fast-paced professional environments and proven attention to detail made Ms Wright the ideal choice for the position. She will be instrumental in Goldfield Cayman’s relationship management process, while also providing administrative support.

Ms Wright states, ‘I am privileged to be part of this growing organization, which is going from strength to strength. The values of Goldfield Cayman, coupled with their client focus, are what motivates me every day to go the extra mile.’

Mr. Young commented on the two new team members, ‘Human capital is at the centre of any successful corporation and, at Goldfield Cayman, we are dedicated to building and showcasing a diverse team of dynamic professionals. We wish to welcome Karen and Claire and anticipate their contribution to the Goldfield Cayman team for the long term future.’

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