Today’s Editorial September 28: Where is national pride?

Monday marks the kick off of Beautification Month.

While it’s admirable that the Cayman Islands Beautification Committee has selected October as a month to focus on – well – beautification, we don’t think the members should have to.

The people who live and play in these Islands should have enough pride that litter and beautification are not issues.

We should all be doing our part daily to make sure trash is put in bins and our yards at home or work are kept clean.

It seems we’ve been plagued with trash and rubble since Hurricane Ivan blew through here in 2004.

It would also appear that Ivan did more than just leave mounds of refuge; sense of pride seemed to have been blown away with the storm.

While there is still Ivan rubble scattered throughout Grand Cayman – take a look across the road from Ocean Club – most of the litter that we see today is man made.

Litter is ugly and it can harm the environment and lead to diseases.

Litter is made up of the cigarette butts, soda cans, coffee cups, beer bottles, plastic bags, gum wrappers and various other items you see along roadways and on beaches, blown up against a fence or swirling around an empty lot.

When people throw things from their car, drop things on the ground or even if someone aims for a garbage can, misses and leaves it that is littering.

October was picked as Beautification Month because it is the month that leads up to Pirates Week, Jazz Fest and the start of the tourism high season in the run-up to Christmas and New Year’s.

In our humble opinion, though, our Islands should be pristine year-round.

We need to keep the land and beaches of the Cayman Islands clean for our own benefit, not just for the tourists.

The Caymanian Compass implores residents and visitors to do their part next month to be vigilant in making sure they don’t litter and getting others to stop.

During October pick out a portion of a beach or a section of the roadway and spend some time each week cleaning those areas.

And when October is over, keep up the habit.

At some point national pride in how our country looks has to kick in.

Let the effort begin with you.

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