Another massive ganja bust

Royal Cayman Islands Police made two separate discoveries of huge amounts of ganja along Grand Cayman’s north shore last week.

On Thursday, 2,200 lbs of ganja was located about a mile east of where an additional 3,200 lbs of the illegal drug had been found wrapped in packaging on Tuesday. Police said both caches appeared to have been placed in the bush in a remote area of Queens Highway near the boundary of East End and North Side districts.

RCIPS estimated the total 5,400 pounds of ganja could have a street value of some $22 million.

Three teenagers were arrested in connection with Thursday’s find, which occurred during a combined police operation in the area. The suspects, aged 16, 17, and 18, were still in police custody as of press time.

It was not immediately known if Tuesday’s discovery of the 3,200 lbs of ganja was connected to Thursday’s find.

Police said the initial stash was found inadvertently by RCIPS K-9 Unit officers who were training in the area. A spokesperson said one of the police dogs, Monty, hit on the drugs’ scent and led officers to the location.

This past week’s drug seizures dwarf the previous largest ganja bust made in Cayman this year, which also occurred in North Side. Police said a fast canoe carrying 1,000 pounds of the drug was stopped by the Marine Unit and the Cayman Helicopters craft back in February.

Four men and a woman were spotted by the helicopter heaving bales of what appeared to be ganja over the side of the canoe. Some of the bales washed up on shore in residents’ beachfront properties.

The combined 5,400 lbs ganja found last week is believed to be the largest seizure of the drug in Grand Cayman since 2003, when police said 7,000 lbs of ganja was taken during an RCIPS operation.

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