Men released in boating incident

Four men arrested last week in connection with the death of 28-year-old David Anderson of George Town have been released on police bail.

No charges had been filed against the men as of press time.

The 911 Emergency Communications Centre was called about the incident shortly after 7pm Thursday by a man who reported a boat he was on was in difficulty in the North Sound, with a number of people in the water.

Mr. Anderson was one of the boat passengers thrown into the water in the incident. He was believed to have been struck by the craft when the person operating it came back to search for him. Police investigators would not confirm that account.

According to the Cayman Islands Penal Code, reckless and negligent acts are defined under section 210(b) as: ‘Whoever in a manner so rash or negligent as to endanger human life or safety navigates or takes part in the navigation or working of any vessel, hovercraft or aircraft is guilty of an offence.’

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