WB house bar is busted

A man who police said was running two illegal businesses out of his house in West Bay was arrested during a raid by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Wednesday.

The 61-year-old was taken into custody at his Powell Smith Road home on suspicion of being involved with the illegal sale of alcohol and lottery gambling.

‘This man was running a bar, all day, all night,’ said RCIPS Chief Inspector Angelique Howell.

Inspector Howell said beer and liquor of many kinds were seized in the operation.

She also said there was evidence that the man was selling numbers, a racket that police have run across before in Cayman.

‘If you buy, say the number 10, you put three dollars on the number 10. Then when they do their big drawing, wherever the drawing takes place, and the number 10 is what they draw, then you would win (something) like 200 dollars,’ she said.

Ms Howell said she couldn’t comment on this specific case, but she said in the past some local numbers games have amounted to scams on the participants.

‘It has happened. But they’re not going to come to the police because everybody will be locked up.’

Ms Howell said this is the first illegal bar-gambling operation to be broken up in West Bay since she took over the police station there in April.

‘We will not tolerate any type of criminal behaviour in West Bay,’ she said. ‘If you know someone is committing crime in your neighbourhood, some and talk to us.’

Anyone with information on crime taking place in Cayman is asked to call their local police station or the Cayman Crime Stoppers tip line at 800-8477.

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