Civil servants to be rewarded for stellar service

A new government initiative has been set up to award civil servants who go the extra mile to provide good customer service.

On Monday, the Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack along with civil service portfolio head Peter Gough and Ailene Holder management support advisor launched the annual initiative at a press briefing at the GIS Conference room.

Those civil servants who fulfil the criteria from all three islands will receive the Governor’s Five-Star Award for customer excellence and will be honoured with a reception at the Governor’s House.

It is hoped that the F.A.C.E award will boost morale, raise productivity and highlight positive public perceptions of the civil service departments.

Recipients must meet the required standards, which include being approachable, helpful, courteous and being professional in conduct and appearance. Serving clients in a timely manner is also a requirement.

‘In establishing the FACE award, we hope to change the notion that customer excellence belongs only in the business world,’ said the Governor.

‘Our civil servants value customer service every bit as highly as the private sector, and what is more, they chose their careers, at least in part, because they want to serve this country I can assure you therefore that private business doesn’t have a monopoly on good customer service’.

He said customer service begins with a smile but entails so much more. He added that while F.A.C.E. will serve to highlight the service, he hoped it would motivate government departments to build on.

In essence, he said the F.A.C.E award is about encouraging government officers to attain higher standards on a daily basis.

Civil servant

The Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack, centre, with Management Supervisor; Ailene Holder and Civil Service Portfolio Head; Peter Gough at Monday’s good customer service briefing. Photo: Jewel Levy

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