Big show of Support at Cayman Airways Sprint Meet

Cayman Airways’ valued support of developing swimmers was again in evidence as 80 swimmers stepped up on the blocks Saturday afternoon at the 2007 Cayman Airways Sprint Meet.Despite a week of rain, the Lions pool was looking good and full of action.

Cayman Airways Sprint Meet

Seiji Groome getting his High Point Award for the 13-14 Boys age group from Melanie Hulse of Cayman Airways, with Meet Director Steve Bain.

Experiencing the joys and jitters of their first meet were: Alison Jackson, Amelia Black, Radley Watler, Alex Agemian, Christopher Touhey and Alexa Burkholder. Swimming all four events for the first time, earned Iain Macrae a High Point Award!

New coach Jason Schmidt expressed delight with his Enthusiasm Group. “It’s great to see so many of them turn out and have such a good time. Especially all the four year olds! ”

Shows of support were the order of the day, big kids cheering little ones, little ones cheering big kids. Hoards of older swimmers cheered on valiant tykes struggling to complete 25 meters.

Then when brother-sister duo Ariana and Joshua Bain swam a 800m time trial event, novices were horrified to discover it was 32 lengths of the pool, gathered to help count and cheer. Seeking qualifying times for a meet in Canada in December, both finished well within the necessary time, with ones watching the clock and their efforts, taking it all in.

Stiff competition in the 9-10 and 11-12 year groups makes for good rivalries and several earned A and B times.Obviously all the High Point Award winners had a good meet, there were many, many more good swims.

Also impressive was the number who competed in their first Individual Medley event.

Plenty of proof emerged that consistent training pays off, especially in this sport.Producing personal bests in all their events were: Stephanie + Danielle Boothe, Coral Tomascik, Bethany Cleaver, Hannah, Amber + Zack Myrie, Iain McCallum, Simon Butler, Pablo Betran, Jackson Messer and Seiji Groome.

Put together by Stingray Swim Club, the meet went well, with but a few delays due to aging timing equipment. Meet Director Steve Bain expressed appreciations for all the volunteer’s efforts and coaches giving their Saturday afternoon. He noted especially the efforts of officials June Elliot and Olive Balderamos, still helping to work meets, having enjoyed their time as swim parents enough to keep coming back.

“The little ones were pure joy.” declared meet referee Kelly Rooney.

Cayman Airways’ Melanie Hulse presented the age group High Point Awards, with water bottles for all competitors and others.Swimming in only his second meet, six year old Liam Henry was the luckiest kid of the day, winning a Cayman Airways ticket!

Swimmers and coaches looked forward to the return to the pool of teammates Andrew Smilley and Waide McLaughlin and Miss Penny; to hear about their experiences in Shanghai, see their medals and offer congratulations on all the personal best swims.

Full meet results are available at

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