Anti-burglary campaign launched

The first of 5,000 crime prevention packs were distributed on Friday when Rotary Central and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service launched their joint burglary prevention programme.

Marva Johnson

Marva Johnson collects crime prevention packs for herself and neighbours from Police Constable Teekel Cowan as PC Cornelius Pompey checks more packs for distribution.
Photo: Carol Winker

The key item in the pack is an ultra-violet pen anyone can use to mark valuable property with some personal identification. Invisible in ordinary light, the marking will show in ultra-violet light. If the property is stolen and then recovered, the owner’s mark will assist police with identification.

The pack also contains instructions on how to use the pen, tips to lessen the chances of becoming a burglary victim, a list of neighbourhood police officers and information about other police public education efforts.

‘Burglary is one of the most distressing crimes that people can experience,’ Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan told a lunchtime gathering in Heroes Square. ‘For many, it’s not just that treasured items and valuables have been stolen; it is the fact that a stranger has been inside their home, walked through their property ands violated their personal and private space.’

So far this year, Mr. Kernohan reported, 117 arrests have been made for burglary. Those arrests involved 82 individuals, 22 of whom were questioned in connection with more than one offence.

In addition to Rotary Central, Mr. Kernohan thanked Cayman Crime Stoppers, Uncle Bill’s and The Security Centre for their support of the campaign.

Rotary Central president Sandy McFarlane spoke briefly about the service club’s involvement in this crime-fighting initiative.

The crime prevention packs are being distributed throughout the three Cayman Islands.

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