Today’s Editorial October 26: Kudos to HSA for Brac paediatrician

Thumbs up to the Health Services Administration for appointing a paediatrician to Cayman Brac’s Faith Hospital.

It means that pregnant women will be able to have their babies at hospital on the Brac instead of being flown to Grand Cayman.

We understand HSA’s policy of insisting that at-risk soon-to-be moms travel to Grand Cayman to give birth.

No one ever knows what kind of medical care a newborn child is going to require until it’s born.

Now that the majority of babies of pregnant women on the Brac can be born there, families won’t have to shell out money to travel here to visit mom and the new baby in the hospital.

But having a paediatrician on the Brac goes even further than just as a boon for pregnant women and their families.

As it stands now and has been common practice, a visiting paediatrician from Grand Cayman makes an appearance on the Brac.

That means moms and dads have to schedule appointments for when the doctor is there, sometimes at an inconvenience for the family.

The new paediatrician, who arrives 1 November, will also be a blessing to the government school system on Cayman Brac.

Families on Little Cayman will also benefit from the arrival of Dr. Lindel Swan.

He will make regular visits to the smaller island to provide paediatric services at the Little Cayman Health Clinic.

Every child deserves high-quality, comprehensive, continuous health care, delivered in a respectful, caring and family centred environment.

Having a paediatrician on Cayman Brac can only help improve the quality of life there and on Little Cayman.

We hope that Dr. Swan likes what he finds on Cayman Brac and that the people there embrace him and make use of his services.

Congratulations Brac. You asked and Government listened.

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