Coffee morning teaches child health

Parents of Cayman Prep and High School got a lesson in child health/hygiene during a breakfast morning at Sunset House Tuesday.

In the relaxed atmosphere, Director of Public Health Dr. Kiran Kumar provided some valuable tips for parents.

‘Good personal hygiene is important to help control the spread of harmful germs,’ said Dr. Kumar.

‘All the necessary steps such as washing hands with soap and water, keeping cuts and scrapes clean and covered, covering mouth and nose when sneezing and resisting sharing personals items helps prevent the spread of diseases,’ he said.

‘If your child has a fever let him or her stay at home and make sure your child’s immunization is up to date.’

Childhood immunization in the Cayman Islands range from birth to 16 years and can be obtained at the Public Health Department.

‘Nearly 10 million children under the age of five die each year – more than 1,000 every hour – but most could survive threats and thrive with access to simple, affordable interventions,’ said Dr. Kumar.

‘At a very young age, children develop the habits and behaviours that will influence their life-long health.

‘Once a child falls ill, the mother or caretaker needs to recognize the severity of illness and seek medical care if necessary.’

Dr. Kumar also discussed ypes of illness in younger children such as diarrhoea, vaccine preventable diseases, pneumonia and MRSA Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus and, in older children, sexual and reproductive health, transmitted diseases, unwanted and unsafe pregnancies, substance abuse and mental health illnesses.

Parents from Cayman Prep organize the coffee morning once a month, bringing various people in the community willing to share their expertise.


The Prep School would like to thank all those involved with presentation over the years. For more information contact Laura at 916-4020 or e-mail [email protected].

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