Today’s Editorial November 08: Let the party begin

Men and women throughout the Cayman Islands are getting ready to dress up in fancy costume and run around swinging imitation swords and pistols.

It’s time again for Pirates Week; party time for residents and visitors. It’s a time for light-hearted re-enactments of the menace of pirate invasions into these Islands.

It is time for celebration of local traditions in the district days and for general island-wide merriment.

It all kicks off tonight on Grand Cayman at Breezes by the Bay and The Wharf Restaurant.

Don’t miss the dazzling fireworks display and costume competition tomorrow night.

One of the highlights of the fest will be the Pirate’s Landing on Saturday.

And of course don’t miss out on the District Heritage Days. There you’ll learn of days gone by, eat traditional fare and see some wonderful arts and crafts.

New this year is a cardboard boat race next Saturday. Now that should be interesting. The Trial of the Pirates follows that event.

Cayman Brac gets in on the act starting next Thursday.

Pirates Week is 11 fun-filled, festive days in the sun with something for everyone.

And best of all, most of it is free.

Pirates Week gives us a chance to take a break from the humdrum everyday.

Some people will get more caught up in the spirit of the moment than others, but even in the middle of mock-mayhem, no one should forget the basic safety rules.

While drinking and debauchery are associated with Pirates Week, we urge everyone to not drink and drive.

Make other arrangements, such as a designated driver or call a taxi.

You can bet that staff of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service will be out looking for drink drivers and lawbreakers.

For those who do participate in the wilder side of the week, we ask that you do so responsibly.

Don’t spoil a good time by making bad choices.

There are 38 chances to enjoy yourself over the next 11 days. That’s six more than last year.

Dave Martins, his crew, stable of volunteers and main sponsor Digicel are to be commended for organising what promises to be a wonderful festival this year.

Go on, get out and enjoy.

And happy Pirates Week!