NS needs Christmas help

Imagine a child waking up Christmas morning, working his hands into a ball and rubbing his eyes.

In the back of his mind he knows there’s something special about this day, but he can’t quite put his finger on it.

Then he realises, Santa came last night.

He runs into the family room to see what Santa left under the tree.

Unfortunately there’s no tree; there are no presents.

It’s an all-too likely scenario for many children in the Cayman Islands.

One group in North Side is making an effort to ensure that every child in that district gets a Christmas gift.

But they need the community’s help.

The annual North Side Community Team annual Christmas Party is set for 15 December at the district’s civic centre.

At the event gifts will be given to about 90 children and 75 seniors.

Those on hand will also get dinner.

‘We need people to make donations, either in the form of a gift or money,’ said Alex Johnson, one of the North Side Community Team members. ‘We also need people to come out and help.’

For the past 12 years the team has hosted the Christmas party to make sure that the elderly and children don’t miss out on the joy of Christmas.

Santa has faithfully arrived each year and volunteers have helped dish out dinner.

And there is always entertainment.

The team doesn’t receive any money from government, but relies on the goodness of the people of the district. Foster’s Food Fair, Hurley’s and Kaibo bar and grill supply most of the food.

‘We have children in need,’ said Mrs. Johnson. ‘Not everybody is on equal par. As for our senior citizens, a lot of them are shut ins.’

Mrs. Johnson said she wants North Side to return to the friendly village it was when she was a child.

‘We need to build our community spirit,’ she said.

‘I want to keep North Side that same little village we had 40years ago. Christmas was about backing sand, carolling and listening to Christmas music from the United States on the radio.

‘Our children don’t know Christmas is about sharing.’


To help make Christmas brighter for children and seniors in North Side, contact Alex Johnson at 916-8232.

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