Bodden Town ERC under-funded

Only 60 per cent of the cost to build the Bodden Town Emergency Response Centre will be budgeted in the initial stages of the project, meaning several aspects will not be built initially.

Public Works Senior Project Manager Mark Urizar said only CI$9 million of the CI$15 million dollar project has been budgeted, meaning the planned Cadet Corp Headquarters, the indoor firing range, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Traffic Management Unit, the kennels for the K-9 unit and two storage areas would not be built until additional funds were budgeted.

‘But they’re all in the master plan for the project,’ he said.

Mr. Urizar did not know when the government would approve the additional funding for the latter stages of the project.

The first stages will include, among other things, the building of the Bodden Town District Police Station, the Bodden Town District Fire Station, the Bodden Town Emergency Medical Responder Station, the Bodden Town District Lock-up and Remand Facility, and some national functions being moved to Bodden Town from other locations.

In another development concerning the project, Mr. Urizar confirmed the principal architect for the project had left the island and returned to Canada about one month ago.

That architect, Patrick Ulrich, had specific experience with emergency response centres and his experience was one of the reasons Kozaily Design Ltd. was awarded the architectural design contract even though it was not the lowest bidder on the tender. However, Mr. Urizar said Mr. Ulrich would continue doing work on the project even though he has left the island.

‘He’s still part of the project,’ he said, explaining that Mr. Ulrich had already completed a lot of the design work before he left Cayman and he will continue to liaise with, Kozaily Design Ltd.

‘There was no requirement in the tender document that says he can’t live somewhere else,’ Mr. Urizar said, adding that overseas architects often work in collaboration with local firms.

In addition, Mr. Urizar said Elie Kozaily, the principal of Kozaily Design Ltd, makes monthly trips to Canada to liaise with Mr. Ulrich.

Mr. Urizar doesn’t believe Mr. Ulrich’s living in Canada will adversely affect the project.

‘At this stage, we don’t see a problem,’ Mr. Urizar said.

Upon learning of Mr. Ulrich’s departure from the island, Chairman of the Central Tenders Committee Terrence Outar requested a copy of the contract showing he still had an employment relationship with Kozaily Design. Mr. Urizar said that document was provided to Mr. Outar.

Although Mr. Kozaily, is not a certified architect, his company does have other architects based in Cayman working for it that are certified with the American Institute of Architects, Mr. Urizar said, adding that having in-house architects certified through one of the recognised overseas authorities was a requirement of the tender.

Tenders closed for the construction phase of the Bodden Town ERC earlier this month and application has been made to the Central Planning Authority for approval to commence construction.

Mr. Urizar said it is hoped construction could commence on the project in early January 2008, with completion of the first stages by January 2009.

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