Red Cross appeals for aid

Thousands affected by Hurricane Noel

The Cayman Islands Red Cross is launching an appeal for Hurricane Noel casualties and those affected by floods in Tabasco, Mexico.

Noel has left at least 142 people dead and tens of thousands homeless in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and Jamaica, making it the deadliest storm of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season.

In Mexico it is estimated that one million people were affected, about 100,000 people are currently in shelter and more than 500,000 remain homeless. Ten people have been confirmed dead and many more still missing, said a Red Cross press release.

Red Cross organisations in these affected countries have been responding in support with their governments and other agencies to ensure that the immediate needs of these individuals are being met.

The Cayman Islands Red Cross is accepting any monetary contributions towards assisting these families in need as well as any food, water and juice, medication, first aid items and baby products.

The organisation is not accepting clothing at this time due to the affected countries not having the resources to store or distribute non-essential items.

Containers will be placed by the Red Cross building at Huldah Avenue, where the old farmers market used to be, for donations.


For more information on how you, your company or organisation can help, please call the Red Cross at 949-6785.

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