Mixed fortunes for masters in Miami

A Cayman Masters side had mixed fortunes when they played their annual fixtures in Miami recently.

They won the first one against a Miami Invitational XI on the first day but got hammered against South Florida.

Miami made 238 from 30 overs and Cayman made the runs off the last ball, needing one run to win. Hero Tony Higgins hit a four to take victory by five wickets. Pearson Best top scored for Cayman with 78. He got man of the match.

Against South Florida, Cayman were under the cosh from the start in a 20/20 game. South Florida smashed 226, averaging over 11 an over.

According to Wayne Cato, that team was an international side with some players way below the masters agreed age of 40. ‘They had a lot of young guys. They weren’t masters at all. We made 125-8. Ramon Sealy (Cayman’s 16-year-old star batsman) got the award for the best batsman. He got 26 and I got an award for the best bowler even though I only took 1-41. That was our best bowling figure. Everybody else got hit for many. I think what clinched it for me was that I also got a run out on one of their best batsmen.

‘It was a fun and enjoyable weekend. We’re gearing up for the masters tour of Argentina next year. We’re going to Buenos Aires to play over-40s from South Africa, Australia, Argentina, England, India and others.’

Cato is working on getting sponsorship. Technically, he should not be playing masters cricket yet as he is 39 and won’t be 40 until a few days after the tour. ‘I’ll be going. I don’t know if I can play, but I will go.’

He is father of four boys and one girl (Nicole, 13) and all the boys play cricket to a high standard. Darren and Cory are both 16 and have represented Cayman at youth level. Darren is so good that he has an outside chance of being in the Stanford 20/20 side in January. Then there’s Shane, 15, and Wayne Jnr, 11.

So a Cato could be in the West Indies frame one day. ‘Because of his age, I don’t think Darren will make it this year but I am almost sure he will make it next year. Coach (Theo) Cuffy has a couple of guys much older who I think he wants to give a try. But I think Ramon Sealy is a brilliant batsman and could make Stanford. He has a lot of power shots.

‘Darren is really doing good. Coach Cuffy and Andy Myles have been working hard on the young boys and one of these days I believe Cayman cricket is going to be on top.’

Cato Snr was only into football as a youngster in Jamaica and was so good was once picked for trials with the national side but did not make it. ‘I was a midfielder and used to score from very far out, 40, 45 yards.

‘When I came to Cayman I got married and started playing football here. A couple of years I got the leading goalscorer trophy for the Police team. Darren came up playing football too, scoring three or four goals nearly every time he played in primary school. And it so happened that a little incident happened once in the football fraternity and I decided to stop.

‘So I started playing cricket because I love sports. Darren and Cory stopped playing football and transferred to cricket like me. And they just got into it. I think Darren has all the qualities to be a pro. I also think that Cory’s going to make it. Shane too. Wayne is too young still to know yet whether he can make it in cricket.’

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