Police should set example

In regards to ‘police must enforce rules’ as written by Fiona Theaker, enforcement seems to go in waves.

You will hear through the media that the police are cracking down on a certain traffic violation. This will come on the heels of an accident, death or complaint from a government official.

The unfortunate death of Miss De la Cruz raised the crackdown on passengers riding in the back of trucks.

This is again a daily occurrence; construction workers through the day and children on the weekends. The best one is workers riding in the back of a truck to steady an unsecured load. Not much chance for the worker or the load if something goes wrong.

Speed is a huge issue on Caymans roads. Rarely do you see a speed trap.

What is the use in putting radar signs on the road side? Is it to test your speedometer? Would that money have not been better spent on radar cameras? You speed you pay. You pay out of your pocket, not with an innocent life.

I don’t recall which government minister it was earlier in the year raised issue with large trucks and the use of engine breaks creating a noise nuisance for everyone. (These engine breaks were designed to be used on long, steep descents to take the work off of the wheel brakes. Here on island they are used for one thing, to make noise!)

I live near the traffic division of the RCIP and trucks go by morning, noon and night using their engine brakes in front of the police station. This would be a good spot for enforcement if not education.

The police need to set an example while driving and using the roadways.

I have seen sergeant stripes text messaging while driving, police cars running red lights, police cars speeding, police cars not using their indicators, police cars stopped in the middle of the road talking to pedestrians, police cars with tinted windows, police cars pulling their radar sign trailers without working tail lights.

Yes, some of the above mentioned could be part of the job, but emergency vehicles have emergency flashers, lights and sirens to be used to warn other motorists.

The holiday season is upon us and I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

Duane Magis

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