Today’s Editorial November 28: Cost of living concerns

We’re in a vicious cycle here in the Cayman Islands.

What we’ve all known, and felt, when we go to the supermarket, buy petrol for our vehicles or purchase any other goods or services has been confirmed: The cost of living is high here.

And one of the things driving that cost is something we all consume – food.

It’s not just here. Our food prices are going up because they’re increasing the world over.

Because we live in a country that is comprised of only three small islands, almost everything we consume has to be imported.

And there are costs attached to importing. Add to that the duty charged on some items and it’s easy to see why we pay so much more than to live in our own paradise.

While the numbers show the cost of living is up, it isn’t as bad as it could be or possibly is going to get.

The economist we spoke to assures us that the 3.7 per cent inflation rate is in line with what Government predicted it would be for 2007. Further, if the cost of food was taken out of the equation we would have an inflation rate closer to zero.

It’s an issue like so many other things here. It can be studied to death but the bottom line is that the cost of living is up and people are worried.

Just take a look at our latest poll results on page 9 of today’s paper.

People here are genuinely worried about the cost of living and making ends meet.

We don’t know how labourers, others paid low wages and seniors on fixed incomes are making it.

It’s time for the duty charges placed on food to be re-examined.

Government has been paying lip service to the promise of doing something to reduce the cost of living in the Cayman Islands, but so far we haven’t seen any results.

We’d like to start with the gasoline survey that Government commissioned, which has been done and given to our leaders. When is that going to be made public and what is Government going to do – if anything – about it?

It’s time for Government to do what it’s been promising: step up to the plate and bring the cost of living down in the Cayman Islands.

We don’t need any more speeches, studies, focus groups or outside consultants to tell us what to do.

Just do it.

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