TeleCayman champs as they roast Bacon

The co-ed softball play-offs threw up some surprises and also some sensational action last week.

Watler’s Standing Seams did not make the final in the A League as expected. Instead, their deadly rivals TeleCayman faced Canadian Bacon at the Field of Dreams on Wednesday. Bacon were on a good streak but they never sizzled enough to overcome TeleCayman who won 14-10 to retain their title.

(Bacon pigged out afterwards and hammed it up for good measure as they tried to find a cure for not hitting it out of the pork enough.)

TeleCayman skipper Rex Whittaker said: ‘It was a close match. We didn’t play as well as we normally do. The match we had for the playoffs against CafĂ© de Sol on Tuesday night was our roughest match. We won 5-4 in a completely defensive game. No one was hitting any balls good. It was just pure defense. Tonight it was more about balls flying all over the place and people making errors. We did good, we pulled it off at the end. Two years running and we’re looking forward to a third year. This season we were 10-2. There was a team that got 11-1 (Watler’s Standing Seams) but they got knocked out.

‘Out opponents tonight were a good strong team. Good place hitters, it was difficult to play them because there are other teams out there that always swing for defense but this team tries to swing for the holes. They’re a really good, well rounded team so hats off to them.

‘Marlon Thomas was our star tonight. He hit a home run. He plays fast-pitch softball which helps. We weren’t very jubilant at the end because it’s been a long, hard season and we’ve been struggling and there were injuries. We’re not performing as well as we would like and we’re pleased that we still pulled it off but I guess we should get some rest and the season’s schedules should start again in mid-January, so hopefully we’ll be in good shape then.

‘We didn’t have any of our regular pitchers tonight. Both were not available so we had to bring in a pitcher, Elroy Bryan, who has never pitched in our league before. He did an excellent job, was consistent with the strike zone and kept the ball in play.’

The Whittakers – wife Dionne and brother Peter – did well. They had good base percentages and played a solid defensive game.

In the B League final Digicel Chuggers seemed to cruise to an easy victory over Citco until a twist at the end.
Alan Markoff, Digicel’s coach, said: ‘We went 12-6 up and the Citco team was coming back. The last batter hit a ground ball and they scored three runs. But they were still down by three runs and their captain said that if he had known that the game was so close it would not have been over.

‘He thought that in the last innings you could bat around until you had made three out. There is a rule that you can only bat 11 in an inning. He said if he had known that he would have tried to hit a home run to win the game. ‘So we decided that we didn’t want to win that way and that we would give them a chance to hit a home run. And sure enough, he hit a home run inside the game which means that the game had to go to the bottom of the seventh. ‘Our first two batters got out and then Mark Wallace got a single and then Mike Webster got a double and then Patrick Bourque came up. All he needed to do was get a hit. He connected with a terrible pitch and lined it into right field for a single. And that’s how we won, by one run 13-12. We thought we had won once but it’s a better way the way we did it.’

In the C League final UBS Sluggers overcame Senor Frogs 23-16. UBS coach Ryan McGuire in usual fashion sent three out of the park. UBS were mesmerized by Basia Pioro’s back catching skills. She also claimed their game was the best of the whole season.

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