New movie denigrates Christianity

The Cayman Ministers’ Association wishes to alert the public that the new cinema multiplex in Caymana Bay is scheduled to open 7 December this year with the showing of the film The Golden Compass on two of its screens.

It will be ironic (to say the least) if, as has been reported, it is planned that funds raised from this showing will be deposited for the benefit of a children’s programme.

The film is based on the first book Northern Lights (released in the US as The Golden Compass) of a trilogy titled His Dark Materials. The author of this children’s fantasy is Philip Pullman, a noted English atheist whose objective is to promote atheism as a belief system. He is said to have made remarks about his desire to ‘kill God in the minds of children’.

The second book of the trilogy, The Subtle Knife, is more overt in its hatred of Christianity than the first book, and the third, The Amber Spyglass, is even more blatant. The Golden Compass is based on the least offensive of the three books and is described as toned down for the big screen.

However, the film is bait for the books: unsuspecting parents who take their children to see the movie may be urged to buy the three books as a Christmas present. And no parent who wants to bring their children up in the faith will want any part of these books. Although the movie promises to be fairly non-controversial, it may very well act as an inducement to buy Pullman’s trilogy, His Dark Materials. We should always remember that his twin goals are to promote atheism and denigrate Christianity and his target audience is our children.

The Cayman Ministers’ Association urges parents to take these matters into consideration most carefully when deciding whether to patronize the film event, especially with any of their children.

Cayman Ministers’ Association

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