Visual Journies through Cayman

A young Caymanian man is doubling up his entrepreneurial skills and showcasing the beauty of his islands through a booklet DVD he has released.

Twenty-year-old Tedrick Green from George Town has brought out Journies through Cayman, a 20-page booklet (including front and back cover) which is a photographic story through the Cayman Islands, accompanied by editorial. The accompanying DVD provides further photographic insight into the beauty of the Cayman Islands through friendly faces, picturesque places such as Smith’s Cove and Rum Point, wildlife in the form of iguanas, birds and the native parrot and beautiful underwater scenery depicting turtles and coral reefs.

‘This product is primarily a souvenir – an original product for tourists to truly remember Cayman,’ he explained. ‘However, it’s also a great gift for family and friends living abroad, or as a corporate gift – something local for companies wanting to show their overseas clients appreciation.’

Mr. Green already sold some copies of the booklet/DVD at the Craft Market in July as a trial run.

‘The tourists were very responsive to it, and the locals really liked it also,’ he said.

The young entrepreneur, who is also a full time student at the University College of the Cayman Islands studying accounting, is currently a trainee fund accountant at Butterfield Fund Services, Butterfield House. He also has a certificate in Vocational Paralegal Studies and intends to sit his CPA exams within the next year and a half.

So, you may ask, where did he get time to bring out his own booklet and DVD?

‘Most of the time that I spent working on Journies was last year,’ he said. ‘I attended York University in Canada – where the workload was intense, but through a series of phone calls, emails and long nights developed the concepts for the DVD.’

The item is locally made and collaborating were: Patrick Broderick on photography, Clive Rosteing, Music Director/Composer, Nasaria Suckoo Chollette who helped with the writing, Olivia Paek of MC2, DVD booklet design and Priscilla Pouchie as narrator. Mr. Green said it was interesting working with such creative people.

Only the very final stage of the product was finished overseas, in Texas, where the final product was printed and the DVD finalised for the market.

So why did this 20-year-old decide to bring out such a booklet?

‘I love tourism, my islands and business so I thought I’d try out this idea as an entrepreneur,’ he explained.

‘I felt a lot of the souvenirs on the island are standardised and I thought this might be a little flavour for the market.’

At the Craft Market the product sold for US$10 a piece, but Mr. Green now has plans to retail it for US$15 to cover his costs.

To sell at the Craft Market, Mr. Green had to go through an interview with the Tourism Attractions Board, whom, he said, gave him great feedback about the product.

‘It’s significantly about the sea, but it also features the national symbols. In the book I’ve included lots about the history of the islands,’ he said.

The booklet itself follows a journey through the Cayman Islands, starting in West Bay and then moving into George Town, through South Sound and old Prospect and on to Bodden Town, then North Side and East End, offering snippets of historic interest along the way and interesting places to visit such as Pedro St. James, the Botanic Park and Rum Point.

The tour then ventures to Cayman Brac and onto Little Cayman.

Ending the booklet is a little treasure hunt in which five riddles are posed. The first is, as follows, ‘This humble creature looks solid as can be, But it is surprisingly delicate as it lies under the sea, A simple touch from a careless hand, Will kill its beauty as it sits on the sand.’

Once they think they have identified each of the five Cayman Islands treasures, readers are encouraged to go onto the related website to check if their answers are correct.

The website should be fully operational by 15 December and from the website tourists can buy the Booklet/DVD, Tortuga Rum Cake, send free e-postcards, and gain more knowledge about Cayman

Mr. Green is hoping to have the booklet/DVD widely available this high tourist season in tourist stores in George Town and some other tourism establishments.

That’s good timing on the part of this multi-talented young Caymanian.

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