Today’s Editorial December 12: Report touts successes, plans

If you think the ruling government has been resting on its laurels for the past two years, think again.

Better yet, get yourself a copy of the Cayman Islands Government Mid-Term Report.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts introduced the report Monday.

It breaks down the progress of the government by ministries and portfolios and is forthcoming.

In addition to touting the accomplishments of the sitting government, the report also details items and issues that have yet to be dealt with, though some areas are vague.

One of the most visible successes of this government that affects us all is the road works programme.

We have seen on of the largest road development programmes ever in this country. Work is ongoing on the Esterly Tibbetts Highway and the East-West Arterial and we hope to see more relief to the traffic congestion soon.

More road work is going on or has been scheduled and Government says in the report that it is committed to addressing traffic congestion.

Plans for the next two years feature speed limits for school zones, commercial and residential areas as well as increasing traffic fines with automatic disqualification where speed is excessively high. A system is also planned in which points will be deducted for traffic offences with automatic disqualification after a certain number of points.

The report also says Government is leaning to a move to restrict the use of hand-held devices, including all cell phones, while operating a vehicle. If you get caught, you’ll be charged with an offence.

Those are just some of the issues and plans covered in the 43-page Mid-Term report.

Over the next few weeks the Caymanian Compass plans to go through the report and break down the successes and plans of each ministry and portfolio and report back to you, our loyal readers.

Mr. Tibbetts said Monday the report will be made public, but we don’t yet know how.

Once you read the report you will see that Government has indeed done much over the past two years.

You will also see that much still needs to be done.

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