Green Guide debuts

The Green Guide of the Cayman Islands has been launched.

Green Guide of the Cayman Islands

Governor Mr. Stuart Jack along side the major stakeholders in the CCMI Education programmes, from left, Mr. James Bergstrom, managing partner, Ogier; Mr. Bart Hedges, CCMI chairman education and outreach; Mr. Len Goldberg, CEO Greenlight Re; Dr. Carrie Manfrino, CCMI president; and Mr. Jim O’Neill, CCMI CEO. Photo: Submitted

‘The Green Guide represents our first, tangible community outreach project,’ said CCMI Chairman of Education, Mr. Bart Hedges. The Green Guide was written by Dr. Carrie Manfrino, president and founder of CCMI and was edited by Tim Ecott. We have printed thousands of copies of the Green Guide and we will be distributing them locally to homes and businesses.’

There are over 10,000 copies of the Green Guide to the Cayman Islands that will be available islands wide by the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008. Copies can be received by emailing [email protected].

The Green Guide sets out to illustrate our link to the natural environment, as well as to inspire change, expose threats, communicate preservation and offer examples of green practices.

It was created by the Central Caribbean Marine Institute.

Families will have more to look forward to in the coming years, since the Green Guide is one of a series of educational booklets designed to help inform residents and visitors. The Central Caribbean Marine Institute, under the direction of author, Ms Manfrino, has developed a five-year plan for the Green Guide to the Cayman Islands.

Ogier has underwritten the 2008 Green Guide and Greenlight Re stepped up to help CCMI launch all educational programmes earlier this year.

To participate in CCMI’s Education programmes, please email [email protected]

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