ICCI grants 39 degrees

Thirty-nine graduates received degrees and diplomas from the International College of the Cayman Islands recently.

The 35th annual commencement exercises were held at the Church of God Holiness, Red Bay.

Congratulating the class of 2007, President Elsa Cummings said it was easy to see why an educational institution was only as good as its students and ICCI students were as good as they get.

She said students had enabled continued growth and improvement with their loyalty and determination by sacrificing time and family in order to achieve academic goals.

‘Their determination is an inspiration that has guided the administration through difficult times. Their success is our reward,’ she said.

George Ebanks said it was hard to know where one is going unless he knows from whence he came.

He said if it were not for his mother’s perseverance and humility he would not be here today.

Speaking about ICCI, Mr. Ebanks said it had seen its good and bad days.

‘In the early years it was the first to take the Cayman Islands beyond high school to a tertiary level. Its mission of being affordable, student-focused and responsive to community needs had not wavered and the college had prepared over 1,000 students for the workforce,’ he said.

He also spoke of the institution being destroyed and later rebuilt after Hurricane Ivan but, through many challenges, had overcome.

Mr. Ebanks said the University College of the Cayman Island and ICCI should be seen as complementary and not competitive. By this, he meant exploring the idea of shared facilities, shared faculty and a student exchange programme. Being only 10 minutes apart, he wondered why the two offered competing courses.

To the graduates he said, ‘Without a good attitude to responsibility it’s hard to make it. We are looked on as role models, have faith in ourselves, and God and the courage to succeed.’

Guest speaker Jacqueline Morris challenged those in attendance to find life with open, perceptive eyes. She said self-discovery, sacrifice and superior performance was important.

‘Life begs to be lived, it begs you to live it and it can only be fully lived through sacrifice of self, fears, uncertainties, questions and joys. You are here because you made the sacrifice but your sacrifice has only begun. There are many more sacrifice to make as you journey in life.

‘You succeeded because of hard work, perseverance and dedication and I challenge you to continue to strive for excellence.’

Those receiving diplomas and degrees in:

Master of Science

Henry Ethelbert Bodden III, Annette Monica Joseph, Yvonne Angela Lawe-Gonzales, Antonette K. McFarlane, Priscilla X. Mejia-Miller and Shelley Uzzell.

Master of Business Administration

Samit Ghosh, Yyonne P. J. Hines, Tannya M. Mortimer, Alok K. Singh, Lonny L. Tibbetts and Joanna Welcome-Martinez.

Bachelor of Science

Lorna Melissa Anderson, Karen Barnett, Cum Laude, Chet McNeer Ebanks, George R. Ebanks, Cheryl Mae Elliott, Shirlene Sylvina Evans, Duane Rene Jeffries, Najala McField, Ovaine D’Oyen Monteith, Sophia Rachel Skale, Christina Danielle Smith, James E. Whittaker, Jr, Margo Fancella Whittaker and Melbourne Constantine Williams, magna Cum Laude.

Associate of Science

Ileana Bodden-Ebanks, Marjorie Bush-Dixon, Sally Castro, Arleth Damaris Chiari-Powery, Wendy Ianthie Clarke, Talisa Nicole De Arantes Martin, Koriel Drummond, Isabel E. Mason, Simone Michelle-Ann Minott, Marjorie Christine Robinson, Saskia Jenna Miracle Tatum, Laticia Vassell and Sofia Williams-Tobutt.

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