DARE donation wonderful

The fact that the funds raised by the showing of the Golden Compass are going to DARE is not one that is ironic, as was stated by a representative of the Cayman Minister’s Association in Wednesday the 28 November’s paper.

Just because a movie may not promote Christianity, it does not mean that it does promote drug use.

And by saying that this donation to DARE is ironic, by definition of the word, this would directly imply that the movie does promote drug use and then is going to turn around and donate money raised from its showing to help reduce drug dependency.

This is absolutely not the case.

The movie has nothing to do with drug use one way or the other, and for someone to suggest that just because a movie may have a connotation of atheism it is promoting drug use, is ridiculous.

The donation of the funds from The Golden Compass to DARE is a wonderful gesture and nothing more or less than that.

Further to this, starting children off with a clean slate when it comes to religious beliefs may not be so bad.

Christianity should be an educated choice, and if people are not presented with all of the facts and alternatives, then it is neither educated, nor a choice.

Laura Dunnigan

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