Traffic flow change

Traffic flow on Albert Panton Street, between Kirk House and the Legislative Assembly building, will permanently change from one-way to two-way in mid-January.

This change in circulation is being implemented in anticipation of Butterfield Bank’s new parking garage opening. It is designed to improve traffic flow within the downtown area, said a GIS press release.

‘By making Albert Panton Street a two-way road from Kirk House to Fort Street, users of the new parking facility will now have an optional route to exit the downtown area,’ said National Roads Authority Deputy Managing Director Edward Howard.

‘Traffic will be redirected away from Cardinall Avenue – a street that sees high pedestrian volumes on cruise ship days.’

He added that curbside parking from Kirk House to the Fort Street Market will be eliminated to accommodate this change. However, current curb-side parking along the courthouse will not be affected.

The remaining section of Albert Panton Street, from Kirk House to Cardinall Avenue, will remain a one-way connector.

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