ATM missing on LC

Residents and visitors in Little Cayman have been signing a petition for improved banking services in the smallest of the Sister Islands.

The only bank operating in Little Cayman is Cayman National Bank in Blossom Village and it is only open twice per week. There is no Automatic Teller Machine.

‘The majority of residents would like to see the bank open up at least three days a week or provide an ATM machine,’ explained David Hill, general manager of Village Square shop. ‘People come over from Grand Cayman for the day and tourists arrive and they assume there is an ATM. I have to tell them the closest one is in Cayman Brac, It actually hurts the economy.’

President of Cayman National Bank Mr. Ormond Williams says the board of directors is looking at improving business hours and the facilities on Little Cayman.

‘We recognise that the need has grown and Cayman National Bank is not just driven by considerations of profitability,’ he said.

He said he believes the bank continues to have a meaningful role in the socio-economic development of all three Islands and they are striving to meet the needs of all their clients. ‘We are taking a deliberate look at what we can do to improve the service for the residents in Little Cayman. It is on the agenda right now.’