Cayman’s Finest now at your doorstep

With the holidays now officially over, food lovers may find themselves wearied from hours spent creating magic in the kitchen, and by a constant stream of nights out at local dining establishments. But tired gastronomes should be relieved to learn Cayman’s Finest has the perfect solution.

Thanks to the Island’s newest fine food wholesaler specializing in delicious European charcuterie and prepared foods, those who swoon over terrine, confit de canard, foie gras, saucsisson and rustic patés can now have them delivered right to their front door.

In just a few minutes, same-day delivery orders can now easily be booked online.

‘In France, where I am originally from, food is a kind of religion,’ says owner Eric Vagniez.

‘We like our food, we know our food and we want to share it with the rest of the world.’

Committed to importing fine products from small-family run farms and artisanal food producers he has developed relationships with over the years, Mr. Vagniez hopes to spread the French love for quality food to Cayman.

Coming from a long line of farmers, he learned to appreciate the origins of food early on, and most recently worked in the food import business in Britain.

He says constantly being part of the agricultural process has helped him develop a sense for the ingredients and preparation that make food taste great.

And the attention to quality means that aside from focusing on quality production, everything he carries is made with organic ingredients and minimal additives.

Some products have a long and storied pedigree.

‘For example, our St Christophe farm patés are inspired by the culinary traditions of northern France,’ he says.

‘The Amiens duck paté is based on a regional recipe dated back to 1640.’

Some products are based on more recent traditions. In a modern twist on an old favourite, the company’s award-winning pre-salted lamb terrine is produced from lamb raised munching on a salty diet of seawater-infused grass.

While Cayman has over 100 nationalities living and working together, Mr. Vagniez says food-wise, the picture is different, and he hopes his business will be able to change that.

‘I say why not take advantage of all the diversity we have here to try something different?’ he says enthusiastically.

And with the range of products Cayman’s Finest has available, it’s easy to agree with Mr. Vagniez assertion that you don’t have to be a three-star Michelin chef to prepare a gourmet meal.

Enticing heat and serve soups are just the thing after a long day at work, while prepared duck confit legs need only to be popped in the oven for a few minutes. Serve them alongside green beans and roast potatoes, and bring out your inner Escoffier.

And charcuterie lovers need not worry about having to buy the whole Serrano, Baionne or Corsican ham. Orders are pre-sliced on the premises so customers can stock up on as much or as little as they like.

Mr. Vagniez points out that quality food does not mean it has to be expensive.

‘If you are looking for something that’s great rather than just run of the mill, it will only cost a few dollars more,’ he says.

For those interested in taking some of the products for a test drive, Cayman’s Finest offers mixed hampers starting at only $50 that include an explanatory pamphlet about the origins and history of what’s inside.

And the goodies aren’t just for grown-ups. Cayman’s Finest carries one of the most imaginative kiddie lunch items out there that’s not only fun, but healthy. The brightly coloured squeezable Pom’potes fruit packs are 100 per cent organic fruit purees that will have young gourmands’ classmates clamouring for their own.

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