New developments on Brac

A new hotel and luxury condominiums are amongst forthcoming developments which will give tourism in Cayman Brac a welcome boost, a recent meeting heard.

Along with the first steps towards a new commuter plane to service Cayman Brac and direct flights to Miami, other developments on the island have been highlighted by Sister Islands MLA Moses Kirkconnell.

‘A rising tide floats all boats’ was the theme of the well-attended meeting outside Kirkconnells’ Market on Tuesday evening, 4 December – a reference to the current increase in positive economic developments on Cayman Brac.

Along with tell Brackers that Minister Charles Clifford, has given the Board and Management of CAL directives to begin a business case for a new 50 to 70 seater plane to service the Brac, he also said that the tourism sector on the Sister Islands will soon receive a welcome boost, a press release outlines.

Cleveland Dilbert, owner of Big Daddy’s Liquor Store, has recently purchased a row of shops on the south side of Cayman Brac and has plans to build a 30-room hotel next to it in the near future.

Whitewater Point Ltd, owned by Robert Banks and James Ryan, will soon start construction of 23 two-bedroom high-end luxury condominiums. The new development, King’s Point Towers, will be located next to Cayman Breakers on the south side of the Brac.

Plans have been drawn for another phase of Carib Sands condominiums and construction is expected to begin in the first half of 2008, adding another 12 units to the existing 38 units.

Scott Development has developed a major subdivision off Sunshine Drive on the Bluff, with 34 lots, each 125 feet wide and 340 feet deep and each one stretching from the road to the Bluff Edge.

Altogether, over 800 residential lots have been approved this year and land value has doubled, said Mr. Kirkconnell. In addition, government has continued an ongoing development of a network of roads on the Bluff, including the Ann Tatum Ramp in the Creek district, which is nearing completion.

Garston Grant, who owns Avistar Building (commercial space by the entrance to the airport) has almost completed a new two-unit building next to it, where he will move his company, CB Rent-a-Car, once it is complete. The other unit will be an electrical shop.

Local contractors, Danny and Doyle Dixon, are building a new facility for the Mosquito Research and Control Unit (MRCU) on the Bluff. The new building will have the capacity for laboratory work, said Mr. Kirkconnell.

He also referred to the University College of the Cayman Islands’ satellite campus opening in Stake Bay in January, which will offer associate degrees, courses for the Civil Servants College and courses for overseas students.

The opening of a university campus on the Brac was a very significant step forward for the island, and one that would have very positive social and economic results, he said.

Other developments include the near completion of the first phase of the Affordable Housing Programme, the emergency medical wing of the Aston Rutty Civic Centre, and the Cayman Brac Day Care Centre.

Noting the success of the new Agriculture Grounds on the Bluff, Mr. Kirkconnell announced that in 2008, the Sister Islands Agricultural Show would be a two-day event instead of a one-day fair as in previous years.

The Cayman Islands Development Bank now has a presence on the Brac, and early next year will begin a programme to help Brackers to budget their income more effectively, said the MLA.

Guest speakers at the meeting were Mr. Kirkconnell’s fellow backbench members of the People’s Progressive Movement, Lucille Seymour, Osbourne Bodden and Alfonso Wright, who all said how hard the Sister Islands MLA works for the people of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Ms. Seymour noted that Mr. Kirkconnell had been a strong supporter of government’s gift of an additional $500 to the elderly and the indigent across all three islands this Christmas season.